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What do you want to know about GreenNaturalPure

GreenNaturalPure — The Guardian of Pure, Natural, and Green Health Amidst the vast American landscape that upholds the values of health and nature, a brand with deep roots in green philosophy has emerged, dedicated to offering the purest and most natural health supplements — GreenNaturalPure.

Back in the 1990s, founder Thomas had a revelatory experience with the healing powers of nature's plants. He discovered that certain plants growing in unpolluted environments were rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants crucial for human health. This sparked a vision in him to share this natural bounty with everyone seeking a healthier lifestyle. Thus, in 1995, Thomas founded GreenNaturalPure. Since its inception, the brand has upheld the core values of "purity, nature, and authenticity," 

selecting high-quality raw materials from the world's mostsuperior ecological environment and utilizing state-of-the-art research technology to create a range of zero-additive, pollution-free, and highly-bioactive health supplements. GreenNaturalPure's product line covers everything from daily dietary supplements to targeted health solutions, with each product embodying respect and care for life and wellness. 

We strictly adhere to FDA and GMP production norms to ensure that every capsule and drop of our extracts are sourced from nature's green bounty and delivered in their purest form. 

After decades of growth, GreenNaturalPure has not only won widespread recognition from American consumers, but has also established a global reputation as a green, pure, and natural health supplement brand. In the future, we will continue to uphold our founding principles, stay at the forefront of scientific research, and harness the power of green, natural, and pure ingredients to safeguard the health of people worldwide.

What products do we have?

Green Natural Pure has always adhered to the mission of being a "natural formula expert", using compound synergy in every product. The brand's pharmaceutical products are combined with the best raw materials and production processes to safeguard the health of people around the world. There are now over 20 research and development talents in the field of nutrition science. We have developed over 80 formulas of healthy dietary supplements, and currently have 16 products sold worldwide.

When was GreenNaturalPure founded?
Green Natural Pure originated in California, USA in 2019, specializing in nutritional supplements, health foods, and other products. We are committed to projecting the most scientifically effective nutritional formulas into every Green Natural Pure product, allowing people to enjoy a happy life while being full of energy and vitality.

Our Ingredients

Why are we trustworthy?

Green Natural Pure has cooperated with the independent research and development enterprise AMF Pharma LLC, and collected 20 excellent professional R&D personnel.

All products of Green Natural Pure are produced strictly in accordance with the FDA certification of the highest pharmaceutical standard in the United States.

All products of Green Natural Pure have been scientifically tested to ensure their authenticity and effectiveness.

Why do we need to take extra dietary supplements?

The main reasons for people to supplement extra dietary supplements are as follows:

1. Imbalanced diet: Modern people's diets often lack sufficient nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. Due to busy work and fast-paced life, many people often choose fast food, convenience foods, etc., which are often nutritionally single and cannot meet the normal physiological needs of the human body.

2. Special physiological stage needs: During certain special physiological stages, such as pregnancy, lactation, and children's growth and development stage, the body's demand for certain nutrients may increase. Simple diet may not be able to meet these needs, and extra supplements may be needed.

3. Disease recovery period: During the recovery period of the disease, the nutritional needs of the human body will also change, such as postoperative recovery, recovery of infectious diseases, etc. At this time, appropriate nutritional supplements can help patients recover faster.

4. Special occupations: Some professional groups, such as athletes, models, etc., need higher nutrient intake to maintain physical function and body shape, so extra supplements may be needed.

5. Complementing the lack of daily diet: Although the daily diet should contain sufficient nutrients, in some cases, such as decreased digestion and absorption capacity in the elderly or irregular eating due to busy work, it may lead to a lack of certain nutrients.


In general, appropriate dietary supplements can help people make up for the lack of daily diet, meet the needs of special physiological stages and special occupations, promote health and recovery. However, when selecting and using nutritional supplements, it is also necessary to follow the advice of doctors and professionals to avoid blind use or excessive intake.

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