GreenNaturalPure GABA Herbal Sleep Compound Capsules

GreenNaturalPure GABA Herbal Sleep Compound Capsules

GABA herbal sleeping compound capsules can help you fall asleep and sleep soundly all night long

Ingredients & Usage

Key Benefits

Using herbal compound ingredients can help fall asleep

Contains extracts such as valerian root, passion fruit, and lemon balm, forming a golden formula

No melatonin, no dependence

Why use GABA Sleep Capsules?

Nowadays, there is a lot of pressure in life, and many people are unable to fall asleep. During the day, they feel mentally tense. GABA Sleeping Capsules can have four effects: soothing, promoting sleep, deep sleep, and improving sleep. They can relax the brain, relieve mental stress, accelerate metabolism, improve physical fitness, and guide normal sleep.